Future Social Care Coalition

Sharon Ellott

“One of the worse things is that when you work in the care homes or care in the community you are only entitled to SSP after 3 days off sick. SSP is a third of min wage. If, like our care home, we work 3 x 12-hour days means we only get sick pay on week two.

We are forced then to work when ill. We need companies to pay sick pay like other companies. Especially as we work with vulnerable people. The excuse is people will take the mickey and take lots of days off. But that is a very small minority and will soon be found out. It gets even worse if you need an operation.

I was told I might need a hysterectomy and could be off sick for 3 months. Luckily it did not come to that, but I would need to save £3000 to go alongside my SSP to pay the bills. It would be great if the government could look at these kinds of things and bring in laws to help the workers.

If you could have a min of 5 days paid sick pay a year and at the end of the year you got any days you did not use as a bonus it could stop people taking days off for nothing.

Also long term sick when operations have occurred SSP topped up to 80% of wages would take lots off stress of workers. The government needs to create a standard of working conditions, there’s plenty for maternity, health and safety etc but nothing that protects or gives workers any contractual rights.

We should have some extra pay to recognise unsociable hours and experience that has been gained for long service. I worked for years in companies where terms and conditions were above and beyond.

The care homes are not breaking any laws, but they are all doing the same, giving nothing that they have to so must be keeping monies for their own profit. Now companies are struggling to get and keep staff so it’s an ideal time to get some better terms and conditions. “