Future Social Care Coalition

Monica Klimiuk

“I will be talking about myself as a care worker without sickness pay and losing the ability to work. I used to work between 7 in the morning and 10pm with 2 hours brake to be able to have “‘normal” life because on the carer’s pay I thought I could not work only half day to afford financial security.

In 2021 I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, went through mastectomy, radiotherapy. Obviously on statutory sicknesses pay I would not be able to survive.

As a reason of that I had to try working as soon as I could do something than sleep, building my hours after each treatment period. Unfortunately treatment was very hash, reduced my ability to work, aggravated symptoms of fibromyalgia which I suffer with also. My mental state deteriorated badly (deep depression). I have been working on severe pain and on painkillers exploiting my body to maximum (only part time). Situation caused next health problem – narrowing down spaces in my knees.

Now rising costs of everything. I do not know why we talking only about pay rise for nurses and doctors as if other (worse payed) profession would not exist. Resources diversion is not right.