Future Social Care Coalition

Helen Maxfield

“I have worked in care for around 14 years, working with learning disabilities, autism and mental health, most of the individuals I have the pleasure of supporting lack capacity in all areas of their lives.

The work of a carer/support worker has become more demanding, we are now expected to check blood pressure, oxygen levels etc as part of our role, as well as cook clean, complete health and safety, and the paperwork is horrendous.

We have very little time to interact with the individuals we support, Life as a carer/support worker can be very demanding and mentally draining as well as physically.

How can we only be worth minimum wage, when lives depend on us, when people can’t tell us there str not well, and they rely on us for all their needs, to keep them safe, healthy, etc.

It’s a disgrace and I feel things with health and social care will never change and we will always be seen as the unskilled workers. “