Future Social Care Coalition

Dee Fisher

“I work as a support worker in a dementia care home. The work that I and thousands of other care workers do is both physically and emotionally demanding.

The skills I need to have are many and as varied as the people i care for. The training is constant covering the wide range of skills needed for this work. Never have I held a post that required so many different skills.

There is no typical day we deal with everything you can imagine and more. Personal care, moving and handling to aid mobility. Infection control, serving food and food hygiene. Emotional support to reassure people they are safe loved and cared for. Liaising with family friends and professionals. Organising activities to lift spirits and improve quality of life.

Paperwork and record keeping. This is a summary of what care workers do. So then what more do I need to do to be skilled enough for decent pay?

We are trusted to look after people at the worst and most difficult times in their life. Should we not ensure that the people doing that very important work are appropriately rewarded for it.

If we value our social care workers more it will attract the best people and encourage them to stay. We are worth it and so are your elderly loved ones. This government needs to stop letting both parties down. “