Future Social Care Coalition


“Hi, here is my story.

I am a single mum working in social care as a Mental Health support worker.

My pay doesn’t match inflation and never had and even before the cost-of-living crisis I am poorer every year. My shoes have holes, my clothes are hand-me-downs from my friend and I am in debt and physically and mentally unable to work more hours than the full-time I do now.

I get verbal and physical abuse at work all day every day for £9.70 an hour. I am in debt from car repair bills to get to work.

People look down on social care workers and our wages completely reflect this – we are not valued at all by society. I cannot even afford clothes and I feel humiliated, poverty is degrading and draining.

I am beyond exhausted and yet I am supposed to find the energy to put others first and protect their dignity when I have none of my own left.”