Future Social Care Coalition

Lynn Colley

“As a social care worker in the community, the work is both hard and challenging.

We don’t have enough staff – call times are cut short meaning the word ‘care’ has actually gone out of the profession/community.

We can’t give our full care and attention to the client, we can’t sit down and have a chat and we barely have enough time to grab a drink.

Fuel costs are also crippling this job and very low pay for what is expected of a carer.

Because of the pressure of not having enough care staff the companies are asking even more of you expecting you to work on days off and putting extra calls on you the job is so stressful and I’ve contemplated coming out of the care system after 25 years.

The constant battle between carers and office staff is sometimes unbearable. Unless something changes and other carers will be choosing other jobs. (You could stack shelves in a supermarket for more money and less stress.)”