Future Social Care Coalition

Michael Holloway

“I joined the care sector 13yrs ago I was very fortunate to be given a job in the dementia care world within 6 months I was given an award for working above and beyond my job description. Can you imagine how great it was to be appreciated for just enjoying my work?

A couple of years passed by, and I was asked to attend a continence seminar at the NEC in Birmingham. I was able to grab the attention of over 1200 nurses and GPs from all over the country – this was looking back the highlight of what was a great job I was lucky to get.

I was approached by my company to step up into a senior role (something I didn’t want to do but my manager told me that stepping up would allow me to mould a good team of people into delivering the very best care to the amazing residents.

I continued bringing together and strong committed team of fantastic carers then COVID ARRIVED in the very first weeks of the pandemic I was unfortunate to contract the unknown virus. We like many care homes suddenly lost so many people it was the darkest of times, but we were promised by the entire world that we would not be taken for granted EVER AGAIN.

Two years on and my once fantastic company NEED to make financial cutbacks leaving me and so many great carers completely devastated.

I offered my company a simple question to possibly consider paying the very best salary to employ a large number of HR employees and be the first company to be able to pick the cream people not the yoghurt and in doing so show the country how to look after the very vulnerable people. The sadness is that not only can I no longer hear the country clapping on a Thursday, I no longer am able to support and care for my residents.”