Future Social Care Coalition

What we did at Conservative Party Conference

Tuesday, January, 31st 2023

We held a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference. You can view images here.

Letter from our Co-Chair, Christine McAnea: “Social care must be PM’s priority.”

Tuesday, January, 31st 2023

View the letter.

Read our letter to Jeremy Hunt

Tuesday, January, 31st 2023

We asked the Chanceller to fix Social Care for Good. View the letter.

The FSCC SOCIAL CARE LOBBY DAY highlighted true stories about the problems caused by the lack of capacity in the social care system.  If you missed it, you can catch up below

Thursday, January, 19th 2023

“Deep disappointment” as Government social care reforms fail to address workforce crisis

Wednesday, September, 8th 2021

The powerful cross party and cross sector Future Social Care Coalition (FSCC) has expressed its “deep disappointment” that the Government’s proposals announced yesterday failed to include any immediate action, such as a pay rise for the 600,000 social care and support workers on the national minimum wage, to address the very high staff vacancies and turnover rates in the care […]

Phil Hope: Time for an Olympic Gold Social Care System

Wednesday, August, 11th 2021

We want to feel proud of our social care system.  But without immediate additional funding, probably in the order of £7bn a year as recommended in the recent Health and Social Care Select Committee report, we will continue to be frustrated and angry at the way the care needs of millions of vulnerable people are […]

Write Up: Time for a Social Care People Plan Conference

Wednesday, April, 14th 2021

Thursday 11th February

Letters to the Chancellor

Thursday, March, 25th 2021

Our ‘Urgent Action on Pay’ Letter to the Chancellor

Support the Future Social Care pledges

Wednesday, October, 28th 2020