Carenomics Report

Carenomics Report

The Carenomics report has a clear message: Investing in social care is essential for a secure and growing economy.

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Dear {MP NAME},


The Future Social Care Coalition, a cross party coalition including former health and care ministers, employers and unions, have published the report, CARENOMICS, which makes an incontrovertible economic case for investing in social care. We are asking you to call on the Chancellor to invest in social care and make it a priority in the Autumn Statement. Given the current economic climate and the benefits this investment would have to the wider economy, the UK simply cannot afford not to make this investment.

CARENOMICS shows that social care makes up 1.79m jobs in England alone and the sector generates over £50bn for England’s economy. The sector is currently losing staff to other industries, because 4 out of 5 UK jobs pay more than social care work, despite it being a vital service. It’s time to give social care workers a fair deal, and enable the sector to power up growth and unlock the labour market.
The report, developed in collaboration with the social care sector, makes clear that further investment will generate meaningful savings in other areas of the economy. Further, for every £1 invested in social care, £1.75 is generated for the wider economy. It makes clear that further investment in social care will contribute to several of the Government’s existing policy agendas. Not only will investment improve employment chances for disabled people, reduce pressure on the NHS, reduce costs for employers and support levelling up, it will contribute to the creation of a society in which we all receive the care and respect we want to see.
It is clear that investing in Social Care will:

1. Power Up Growth
2. Unlock the Labour Market
3. Support Levelling Up
4. Provide Value for Money
5. Build a Purposeful Economy

We know that like many other countries, the UK faces an increasingly ageing population. We must stabilise the social care sector through investment in order to address this change. Social care is vital infrastructure that must be properly funded, so we can provide adequate levels of service on which we will all rely on at some point in our lives. Without a functioning system, CARENOMICS shows that we cannot hope to achieve the priority of increasing growth and productivity.
I would like to meet with you to discuss CARENOMICS and the evidence the report has presented. I hope that you will call on the Chancellor to prioritise the need for urgent investment in social care in this year’s Autumn Statement.
Yours sincerely


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